Serendipity -70ft Hancock & Lane with residential mooring


The vessel was sold by ourselves to the current owners. The hull was treated with an epoxy paint system in 1994, and again in 2004. The vessel has then been maintained with bitumen, the last time the boat was blacked was in 2017, anodes were also fitted. Also a survey was carried out and all remedial works stated on the survey where completed. The roof was also repainted in 2017. Work is required to the celling as the previous owners fitted tongue and groove to the existing celling and the weight is pulling it down in some areas, the current owner has replaced the aft end.
Built in 1982. Thornycroft BMC 1.8 40hp diesel engine. 2 berth – fixed double in own cabin. Morso and Villager solid fuel stoves. Chemical toilet. BSC to 13/09/2022.

Ref: Serendipity

Lying High Line Yachting, Iver

Key Features

Builder: Hancock & Lane
Type: Narrowbeam
Fitted: Not known
Year: 1982
Length: 70ft / meters
Beam: 6ft 10in
Draught: c.2ft
Lying: Lying High Line Yachting, Iver
CRT no: 609941
BSC to: 09/2022



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